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Above all, experience and tradition in splitting knives production is the priority of Suityou brand.

Suityou – splitting bandknives

Over than 20 years of experience already

The splitting bandknives production was started up in 1985 under the brand Svit by ZPS Company – the very famous producer of footwear and cutting machines that referred to world known footwear company Baťa. Six years later, the production and technology was taken over by Ing. Dudr & comp. That company has been transformed in 2008 to Suityou s.r.o., which priority has remained splitting bandknives production and still keeps its exclusive market role around the Central Europe.

New brand with traditional quality

Since 2005 we have been selling splitting bandknives for leader cutting under the brand Suityou. Our company is located in the former area of the world famous footwear company Baťa (later Svit), in which the leather has been processing over than 100 years already. The quality of our splitting bandknives represents owing to this tradition the world quality level. We supply our splitting bandknives around the whole Europe, Asia, South and Central America and Africa. On that account, we decided to invest in the commercial department innovation. Our company has undergone significant renovation of the commercial department in order to raise quality of customers' service.

Suityou Company is classed by our customers as one of the most famous European splitting bandknives producers.

We produce entire knives dimensions used for hides cutting, both for footwear companies and tanneries.

Contact us, put to the test our splitting bandknives and make sure of our products quality.



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